Some questions about android on Freerunner

Levy levy.santanna at
Tue Nov 10 05:00:51 CET 2009

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 04:21, dehqan65 <dehqan65 at> wrote:
> See it's required to know whether fater buying freerunner can android be
> used or not .

Can be, if you only want to use it you can download the images from
different places like this

But if you want to develop for Android you need to download the source
from Sedar ou Gitorius.

> So an end-user need that wiki and issue tracking , if not , how does he/she
> solve his/her android problems  on freerunner ? can he/she use here/other
> communities instead of issue tracking ?

The users can report the bugs with the tracker I guess.

> Will Google admin of make a mirror for free runner codes who
> is he/she ?

No! We are the admins, I mean, Jim, and others, from this list. And
also have a Gitorious and Sedar mirrors, also inside of this thread.

> why ? cause of is forbidden . does not exist! it is forbidden for anyone.

> and Does contain whatever contains ?

No! contain the source code for Android Operating
System development. contain the SDK and Tutorials to learn about how to make
applications for Android Operating System.

> Regards dehqan

Regards from a brazillian,

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