kernel 2.6.3x?

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> El Monday, 9 de November de 2009 19:05:04 arne anka va escriure:
> >...
> > so, simple question: how's the state of the new kernel? anybody
> > working on it?
> GTA02 boots mainline 2.6.32  and Lars is working on pending patches
> see

Well my neo freerunner made a nice kernel panic when booting the 2.6.32
with a config that should have everything needed, (I even tried
with the config file given in this reply )
so I really don't know... as for now I am on a custom andy-tracking
kernel because I can't find another version source that boot on my
neo... (I don't use openembedded I'm a "I do it my way" kind of guy ^^)

Oh I found out that the 2.6.32_rc6 has an undefined reference to
GTA02_GPIO_AMP_HP_IN something really bad because it never apprear
anywhere else in the code (grep -R  proved that) offending file is
sound/soc/s3c24xx/neo1973_gta02_wm8753.c compiled with

I alsa found out that the compilation fails at link time if debug is not
activated because of an undefined reference to printascii() (defined
in assembly only when debug activated) function is called anyway in
s3c_pm_dbg() which is called even if debug is deactivated)

I don't know if I should post it on the official kernel mailinglist or
not so I post it here.

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