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Not full but some replies,
> Annoyances:
> - it is impossible (for me at least) to take out the microSD card without
> using a tool (pliers or something). Why do I want to take it out? To
> actually show people the small size of a Wikipedia database. :-)
Did you push down first? as in other uSD readers you have to push it
down until you feel a click  then it unbloks and a spring will pull
out enough the card to ease taike it out

> Some things I haven't figured out yet:
> - how do I get another Wikipedia (for example the Norwegian one) onto a
> MicroSD card?
Download the source code from
tools are there  and instructions on how to create wikireaders files
form a Wikipedia xml is in a quickguide on the doc directory.
> - how do I convert an e-book and put it onto a microSD card for the device?
Right now you have to put this ebook in a mediawiki , and then export
it to xml and run the process mentioned avobe.
> All in all - I really like this device.
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