Need Freerunner interfaces file

Jared Maddox absinthdraco at
Wed Nov 11 12:42:34 CET 2009

Hi. I went to modify the interfaces file on my Freerunner, but (while
I was trying to make a backup of it, of all the things!) accidentally
overwrote it. I've been building a new one, but I want the 'factory
release' version so that I can compare. Does anyone still have one of

Also, dif-util on Windows gives me a -5 error when I try to backup the
root filesystem. I did it anyways (with scp, now that I'm familiar
with it's error messages), but I'm curious about what the cause would
be (the usb port is built into my computer, but that doesn't
necessarily mean it isn't a hub).

Finally, if I can't get dif-util to work (and ignoring the LiveCD
option, which I might use anyways), is there any way to flash the
kernel image, etc., from within the Freerunner, sort of like the GSM
firmware upgrade? I half-recall reading about Linux kernels being
treated like all other apps in Linux, but I'm fully aware that that
says nothing about placement requirements.

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