Received SMS going unnoticed

Ben Wilson ben at
Thu Nov 12 21:40:36 CET 2009


I've been using SHR unstable for my everyday phone for a while and i was 
wondering what solutions people
are using to stop sms messages arriving without being noticed.

I leave me phone running and on charge next to the PC when i'm at home 
so the battery is always full when i go out.
What's happening is I get a sms and of course the sound plays but i'm 
not there to hear it.
With the auto screen poweroff I don't even notice when I return to the 
PC, can be a few hours before i tap the phone and notice.

I could turn off auto screen poweroff, so when I return the new message 
is visible on the phone but then the LCD would be running pretty much 
all day/night which is probably not so good for its lifespan.

What would be ideal is for it to keep playing the new message sound 
every few minutes while the new message popup is being displayed. Does 
anyone have a cron script or anything to solve this problem.


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