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Michael Smith michael.smith at netapps.com.au
Sat Nov 14 07:39:49 CET 2009

I am working on an application for the openmoko. I am writing it in C using the Enlightenment toolkit. The general idea is to have an application which will browse an sqlite database in a generic way, then extend it to support specific types of databases. As an example I have written a script to import contacts from my palm pilot and import them into a table in a database. My application can now browse that database on ubuntu.

The code can be found here:


...and a screenshot can be found here...


So now I have an alpha version and I want to give it a run on the phone. I have followed the instructions from these pages:


...but the toolchain doesn't include any of the Enlightenment libraries. I built an Enlightenment toolchain on ubuntu by downloading the source and compiling it. It works well. Currently in /usr/local/include I have:

Ecore_Config.h    Ecore_IMF.h       Ecore_X.h     Embryo.h
Ecore_Con.h       Ecore_Input.h     Edje_Edit.h   Evas_Engine_Buffer.h
Ecore_Data.h      Ecore_Ipc.h       Edje.h        Evas_Engine_Software_16_X11.h
Ecore_Evas.h      Ecore_Job.h       Eet.h         Evas_Engine_Software_X11.h
Ecore_File.h      Ecore_Str.h       efreet        Evas_Engine_XRender_X11.h
Ecore_Getopt.h    Ecore_Txt.h       eina-0        Evas.h
Ecore.h           Ecore_X_Atoms.h   elementary
Ecore_IMF_Evas.h  Ecore_X_Cursor.h  Elementary.h

Now when I compile these libraries in the openmoko toolchain in /usr/local/openmoko I find that I need pkg-config. I got that but I need glib. I got that but I can't get it to compile at all.

I also investigated putting a development environment into the phone but I can't find any repositories which provide development stuff.

So I am a bit stuck and I would appreciate it if anybody who has been down this path can tell me if I am going in the right direction. And if not, which way I should go.

Michael Smith
Network Applications
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