future phones that you can hack. news.

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Wed Nov 18 10:11:56 CET 2009

I do understand the skepticism, but thinking about the apparent success 
a pseudo-open platform like Android is having near the manufacturers and 
users, I'd say there is a very good chance something groundbreaking (in 
terms of market attitude) may actually happen. Android is fierce 
competition, and others may take the plunge into "openness" just to 
fight it. It's a "lesser evil" choice for the manufacturers (or in this 
case, a "lesser potential for losses in the near future").
Carry on, people!! :)
Just don't let them twist your values. ;)

Fabian Schölzel wrote:
> 2009/11/18 Carsten Haitzler <raster at rasterman.com>:
>> Who it is - will wait for future announcements. What, when and where will also
>> need to wait. How open it is, will also need to wait. But you can guess that if
>> we are fiddling with it - it's already partly open.
> Sounds interesting! Please keep us informed!
> Cheers,
> Fabian
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