[OT]Making Geek's phone not so offtopic on this list ;)

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Fri Nov 20 04:24:42 CET 2009

I looked at the specs and its screen is listed as wqvga hybrid

I presume that hybrid resistive means it can still use a stylus?
Recently tried my sons ipod which you cant use a stylus with - only
useful with huge buttons and a GUI designed for finger use - basicly
hopeless for fine work, typing text etc, but then its designed for
movies/game playing.  Fairly useless for my working style.

Of more concern is that its wqvga resolution - exact details are not
given but wikipedia lists wqvga as any screen having the same vertical
(240 pixel) resolution as qvga but wider.  Having a Palm Treo650 with a
240x240 display for a few years, I can directly compare it with the FR
640x480 - going back to something as primitive and outdated as 240
pixels seems to relegate the phone to things like video playing which I
have not done on the FR in over a year (i.e., you are losing a lot more
functionality than you are gaining).

It will be interesting to see if these are real areas of concern, or the
design is better than it appears in this area.  the other specs seem


On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 06:11 -0800, c_c wrote:
> Hi,
>   If you're looking at running fso-dbus & e - I'm interested too.

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