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Esben Stien b0ef at
Mon Nov 23 04:57:33 CET 2009

Well, as I now have a lot more bandwidth, I'd like to again inform you
of the Free the Phone Conference Room[0].

The conference room should also support video, but I haven't played much
with this. Still waiting for JACK VIDEO to save the day..

The URL is: 

sip:free_the_phone at

Dial in at any time and talk, get help, learn, develop, etc.

Some free software projects have started to use a conference room and I
think our community should be on the forefront of this. Some projects
use an IRC bot to advertise presence in the conference room. Maybe we
also could do that. Some projects also organize a BoF at saturday

Last time I advertised this, several people asked about SIP clients with
native JACK support. This has not yet happened and I really know them
all, in and out.

You can however use any pulseaudio aware client, which again can exit
through JACK. 

I use sflphone at the moment, which works great with pulseaudio and
JACK. I've also recently tested ekiga-GIT and it also works pretty well
with pulseaudio/JACK, if you need video. If you aim for ekiga, only the
most recent GIT version supports pulseaudio/JACK.

Sflphone has a core/UI separation, which is really great, but no non
interactive interface has been made yet. 

I've also not setup VoIP on my freerunner, but now is the time and
people should chime in and tell about what they've got working. 


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