Ideal screen rotation

Petr Vanek vanous at
Tue Nov 24 08:19:46 CET 2009

>> FWIW, as well as the discussed rotation support, I'd also like to
>> - add a GPRS/PDP toggle to the GSM gadget
>> - add a fast charge menu to the battery gadget
>> - fix the battery gadget so that it it goes up to 100%.

This sounds great and needed. Communication with SHR devs might be
useful to get it to SHR soon.

>> So I think there's a strong case for an ongoing FR-focussed
>> e17/illume codebase.
>There's an illume2 project at enlightenment, perhaps a good spot for

At this point, i would not focus on it, plus, i would expect that the
gadgets should still work correctly in Illume2?

just my 2c


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