Digital Media Controler for DLNA

jack_2009 at jack_2009 at
Thu Nov 26 18:32:04 CET 2009

Hey everybody,

got my Freerunner for over a year now and I am quite happy that it never really works how I wont it to so I can fiddle with it... ;-)

anyway, did anybody ever try to write an app to control Media Clients? As I understand it it would be called a 'Digital Media Controller' which could act as a remote control for Media Clients that use the DLNA standard. However I am not sure if that would be programmed through Upnp tools (GUPNP API) or something different. Unfortunately I never came around to program more than some shell scripts and use a bit of awk so I wouldn't really know where to start to code an app like that.
Anyhow would be wicked to have an app to control my Musicpal with my Freerunner. 

If you look on the net there are only Logitec, TEAC, Sonos and now also Raumfeld but all that stuff is horribly expensive.

hopefully somebody already thought about this.

by the way, thanks for the work everybody, unfortunately I am only a user and of not much help apart from testing your stuff... :-D

cheers Jack
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