Which Java JRE?

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On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 15:06:35 +0000 Arigead <captain.deadly at gmail.com> said:

> Hello all,
>     I'm working on a project and I think it'd be cool as to show off the
> project's work on a phone. The OpenMoko phone ;-)
> Unfortunately the project is implemented in Java, which I'm no fan of on
> anything but a web server or browser but that's a discussion for another
> day.
> I tried our system, which is running in an OSGi Container, on Jamvm on
> the OpenMoko. It works but it sucks up 95% of the CPU when it's idle.
> Not Good! I tried the same on my eeePC and with Sun's JRE our system
> uses 1% of CPU whilst JamVM on the eeePC uses 40%. Obviously JamVM does
> not suit our system.
> So I was thinking of taking a look at one of Sun's ARM JRE's but I'm a
> bit confused by the CPU in the FreeRunner. I've read that it's an
> ARM920T core which uses the ARMv4 Instruction set and is ARM7 Binary
> Compatible. I'm totally confused as to whether this means I need an

arm moves in versions of their instruction set, v4, v5, v6, v7 for example. the
2442 in the gta02 is an ooold armv4 based cpu core, and is armv4. v5, v6, v7
compiled binaries likely wont work (if they use newer instructions). any
assembly for v5,v6,v7 etc. wont work.

> Arm4, 7, or 9 JRE. Sun don't have too many JRE's for ARM so I'm probably
> not going to get one that suits. I might try Cacao.
> If anybody could advise me which ARM Jre I need I'd be very greatful.
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