Navit - unusable?

Jens Seidel jensseidel at
Sun Nov 29 01:43:59 CET 2009


I always wondered how people use navit. I started it already a few times but
find it (in contrast to tangogps) completely unusable.

Once I start it I just get an empty background. Shouldn't it display a map?
I read and tried the described "Easy
Way" but do not find the dialog to download maps. I haven't tried the
command line solution yet as I believe a graphical application should not
depend on it.

How to add a destination? I select as Country Germany, and my City followed
by Street and Number. And now? Any click on Map, Bookmark and Destination
does nothing. I assume I have to be online for this step, this is fulfilled.

I use version 1:0.1.0+svnr2735-r0.4 from the default feed.


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