shr-u status (was Re: [Community Updates] 2009-11-25 released)

Thomas Zimmermann ml at
Sun Nov 29 10:59:26 CET 2009

Am Sonntag 29 November 2009 10:46:38 schrieb Al Johnson:
> On Sunday 29 November 2009, Tony Berth wrote:
> > what is the current staus of SHR-U? Can be used as daily distro? Are the
> > problems fixed by now? I still have the version from September which
> > rather works and try to avoid potential problems.
> From what I've seen on the list most of the original bugs have now been
>  fixed, and it should now be usable as a phone. I've not actually tried it
>  yet though - a job for later today.
There was a similar request on shr-users Mailinglist, so i forward the answer 
spaetz has given there:

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Betreff: Re: [Shr-User] update request
Datum: Sonntag 29 November 2009
Von: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>

sam tygier wrote:
> I wonder if we could have a new update on the progress on the new SHR 

This is a tricky request, as there are so many things going on in
parallel, that just keeping trac of regressions/fixes/improvements is a
hard task.

Additionally, the core devs are not constantly reflashing a new image on
their devices and some of the regressions are only being noticed by
installing a fresh image.

But let me try to summarize:

- Incoming calls when suspended don't work. (one ringtone and then it
aborts). This has been fixed.

- Ringtone continues ringing even when user aborts call. This has been
fixed, but I think it's not in the latest image/feed yet. We are
currently rebuilding from scratch so that might still take a few hours
to hit the feed. Also this caused some audio stuttering during the first
seconds of a call, I think.

- Phone suspends when booted with USB plugged in. You have to work
around by unplugging/replugging

- ogsmd has been improved to start up 9 seconds quicker than before,
(don't know if the new revision is already being used, but it should go
in soon).

- One thing that is still left: It appears that e-wm-illume-config-shr
is not in the images by default (although it should be). Thus, you can
select "Illume" but not "Illume SHR" in the initial wizard. If this is
the case you have to manually install e-wm-illume-config-shr and delete
/home/root/.e to get back to the initial qizard thingie.

- Much more has happened on the audio tweaking side, eg. the "Mute" and
"speaker" buttons in the active call dialog should be functional now.

-Currently there is ongoing work to integrate shr-today into the phone
apps (it's a standalone-python app now), and to integrate some "quick
settings app" that is reachable from the phone apps. Also the 1st time
shr-wizard is being worked on.

-mokonnect was updated and allows me to connect to WLAN again and seems
to be able to power on the WLAN now (except when you used shr-settings
to turn OFF WiFi, as that set the WiFi Policy to "disabled")

- MOre apps are added to the feed, eg babiloo, a dictionary, working
through the package request list. And existing apps that fail to compile
are being looked at to make them compile.

Sure, I forgot lots of things, but this is what I know


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