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Sun Nov 29 14:14:35 CET 2009

Hi Jens,

Jens Seidel schrieb:
> Hi,
> I always wondered how people use navit. I started it already a few times but
> find it (in contrast to tangogps) completely unusable.
> Once I start it I just get an empty background. Shouldn't it display a map?
> I read and tried the described "Easy
> Way" but do not find the dialog to download maps. I haven't tried the
> command line solution yet as I believe a graphical application should not
> depend on it.
> How to add a destination? I select as Country Germany, and my City followed
> by Street and Number. And now? Any click on Map, Bookmark and Destination
> does nothing. I assume I have to be online for this step, this is fulfilled.
> I use version 1:0.1.0+svnr2735-r0.4 from the default feed.
It took we quite some time to make navit work for me
as well. Meanwhile I use it as gps-aware map and for
bike navigation.

There's several aspects that need to be setup:

- Supplying the map data as already pointed out by others.
I use europe.navit.bin.
- Setup you locale as described in [1]
- Tweak the layouts, to show the details you like to see.
I had to enable living streets for cars and paths for
bike for navit to find the routes as expected.
- Onscreen Display (I still need to tweak that)
- Audio guidance (I haven't set that up so far)
- Valid network connection to your freerunner to
use it as gps device for your desktop, if desired.

It helped me a lot to split up configuration files
into one file per vehicleprofile and layout and include
those into the main navit.xml. That way you easily
compare different vehicleprofiles and layouts.

The binary data supplied by cloudmade contains most of the
OSM information, you just need to make navit display it in
a reasonable manner concerning design and cpu usage.
There are some problems with finding cities as Martin
pointed out. Most bigger places seem to work though.

You can have a look at my configuration at [2]. Note that
it's far from perfect but might help as a starting point.



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