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2009/11/12 Brolin Empey <brolin at brolin.be>

> Hello list,
> I am writing a follow-up/update to my original post just over 2 months
> later.
> What has changed since my original post?

Another update.  What has changed since my last update?

   1. I stopped hiring Dave McCormick because I did not want to spend so
   much money when I did not even know what to have him help me with.
   2. I signed a tenancy agreement to rent a 1-bedroom apartment in Ladner
   Village:  my tenancy begins on 2010-01-01.  Of course, I am already having
   regrets because I am afraid the apartment is too small, it has electric
   heating, it is on the 3rd floor but there is no elevator, I do not know
   where I will store my bicycle even though I almost never use it any more,
   ... Oh well, at least I chose something.  It could be much worse.
   3. I finally upgraded my FreeRunner from QtMoko v11 to v14.  That was a
   huge hassle (because I had to manually back up my QtMoko v11 installation,
   reflash QtMoko v14, then restore everything I needed from my backup) and
   took at least 8 hours over 1 weekend, but it was worth it because the video
   is much more responsive with QtMoko v14 than v11.  QX still does not seem to
   work, though:  I still always end up having to remove my FreeRunner’s
   battery after trying to use QX because my FreeRunner becomes unusable.
   (fail)  Debian needs to update the version of mc in lenny/stable because
   their current version has a regression which prevents mc from listing the
   contents of some tar archives, including the one I made to back up my QtMoko
   v11 installation. (fail)
   4. I still have not bought a MicroSDHC card so I still cannot install
   plain Debian so I still do not have a working X server so I still cannot run
   Navit, but my parents gave me a Garmin nuvi 755T road navigiation system
   (commonly and very imprecisely called “a GPS”), so I at least have a working
   road navigation system for now.  I used the nuvi 755T to drive to work
   today:  it seems to work OK, but the text-to-speech (TTS) engine is poor:
   it sounds very mechanical and would probably never be mistaken for a real
   human voice.  I have heard much better TTS voices, but I cannot remember
   their names so I cannot cite any examples.
   5. I have actually used Xubuntu 9.10 at work (it is *so* stable:  it has
   unexpectedly locked up only once so far! :P), but still not Ubuntu 9.10 nor
   Kubuntu 9.10.  Of course, making Xorg use 16-bit colour depth instead of the
   default 24-bit so the 4 MiB video card can drive a 17" LCD monitor at its
   native 1280x1024 mode was a huge hassle involving hours of playing
   (experimenting) with *xorg.conf*, checking *Xorg.0.log*, comparing and
   copying from *xorg.conf*s on other PCs with the same model of LCD
   monitor, ...
   6. I actually messaged one of the people (Janet) from the Ubuntu
   Vancouver LoCo, but she still has not replied and I have not met her since I
   messaged her.
   7. I bought a used Canon PowerShot G6 for about 275 CAD including
   shipping via an eBay auction because I did not want to spend >550 CAD on a
   new PowerShot G11 (the current model), which will be worth less than half
   that in 5 years or less.  Of course, I am already having regrets, but I
   probably would have regretted buying a G11 too because the G6 is sufficient.

I am still constantly overthinking, obsessing, overwhelmed with ambivalence,
indecision, and too much information.  I still have no female companion.  I
have no close friends in Ladner other than maybe Miles Husoy, but I have not
even seen him for months.  I am not surprised, though, because I continue to
isolate myself.  I always feel like I have too much crap to do but I still
lay in my bed at home and inevitably fall alseep because I am tired of
overthinking and obsessing and am too ambivalent to do some of the endless
things I should be doing.  Now I have to prepare for my Class 5 passenger
vehicle road test on 2010-01-22 because there is a new and incredibly
illogical law in British Columbia starting on 2010-01-01 that drivers with a
Class 7 passenger vehicle driver’s licence, such as me, cannot use
electronic devices, including road navigation systems, while driving because
they are “too distracting”.  Reality check:  which is more distracting:
looking away from driving to read a paper map or driving directions, or not
looking away from driving because the road navigation system speaks to me so
I do not need to look at its display?  I do not use cell phones while
driving because I know I cannot focus sufficiently on driving if I am trying
to have a conversation with someone else in my car, so how could I have a
conversation with someone via a cell phone while driving?  I always pull
over and stop before using a cell phone.


Sometimes I forget how to do small talk: <http://xkcd.com/222/>

“If you have to ask why, you’re not a member of the intended audience.” —
Bob Zimbinski, <http://webpages.mr.net/bobz/ttyquake/>
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