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Mike Crash mike at
Tue Apr 6 23:38:42 CEST 2010

It's up to everyone to try and cry.

But for me - I want functionality, that is not present in both navit and
tangogps. And I want functionality, that is not present in any navigation I

1. Create route by clicking on crossroads - I need it for cycling (not
implemented yet)
2. Sport tester with stopwatch, distance meter and track log (running,
cycling), what I missing is pulse meter (what about bluetooth sensor?)
3. show tourist roads and cycle roads (not implemented yet)
4. switch different views of map  - car/cycle/foot/... (not implemented yet)
5. save and upload track logs to web
6. contours
and anything what I find usefull

I know, I'm at the beginning. And if someone finds it useful, I will be

And what about TangoGPS? Very good bitmap navigation, I use it too, but
needs large amount of data to download, hard to update maps, no navigation
at all etc.
And navit? On freerunner unusable, very slow redraw, very slow routing, ugly
voice, hard to extendible

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