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urodelo urodelomutante at
Sun Apr 11 01:50:44 CEST 2010

Oh YES! It's the killer app I was waiting for!! Although it would be more  
interesting, imho, if it would let me chose among diffent... wav(s)... :-D

Ehm... well not bad for the my first message to the community. I'm using  
the freerunner as solo phone since the past December, with qtmoko as  
primary distro, shr and since one week, android. I would like to thank you  
all for your great efforts... uhm I mean in a wide sense... I basically  
got the freerunner because i believe in its possibilities and in the power  
of the community. And because i hate iphone users.

By the way, i think this application could solve many life problems:
-it can give you an excuse to run away when you meet your former gf while  
walking around with your new lover
-it can soften the stress of an exam at the uni
-it can persuade the parents of your ugly classmate that you're not the  
right guy for their daughter
-useful for getting a quick discount in a shop instead of one hour of  
discussion with the clerk
-a scenographic way to escape from a police catch and disappear in a cloud  
of smog...
-taking a picture among the public with your most hatred actor/actress in  
Cannes, running the app and then looking disgusted at him/her
-entering inside an iPhone shop and pushing out all the customers

However, tomorrow I'll use it inside a bus to see the reactions...

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010 16:04:58 +0200, Tim Abell  
<tim at> wrote:

> hiya,
> I wrote something pointless to make me laugh.
> simple installation:
>  cd /etc/opkg
>  wget  
> <>
>  opkg update
>  opkg install ofart
> code at:
> package / feed config at:
> enjoy
> Tim Abell

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