Where is the tangoGPS community?

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at iki.fi
Sun Apr 11 03:34:12 CEST 2010

Joshua Judson Rosen <rozzin at geekspace.com> writes:
> Do you know where I can find an official upstream git (or other VC)
> repository, then? I haven't been able to figure out where Marcus' is,

There's no such thing available publicly afaik.

> I've been using Bazaar, and have initialised my own repository from
> a release tarball, which kind-of stinks. It looks like there are
> actually some things missing from the tarballs, which stinks more :(

I branched my libgps branch from git.debian.org git tree that has all
the tarballs and debian changes in different branches. Using a
different version control system didn't sound like a good idea so I
stayed with git.

>> Currently I only have a set of patches that add support for libgps.
> I have a patch that makes it possible to scale the details on maps
> (e.g.: text, icons, line-widths) and change the amount of detail shown
> without zooming the map; and another patch that adds VisualIDs
> <http://scribblethink.org/Work/VisualIDs/visualids.html> for POIs.

How can it do that? I thought tangogps only shows bitmap data?

> Also, if I understand correctly, Marcus is somewhat hostile toward
> that channel--certainly he doesn't use it himself; and it seems
> at least somewhat strange to be building a community around something
> that the upstream maintainer has himself deprecated.
> So, I was wondering if--even hoping that--there was some other
> venue that was preferred by upstream; if #tangogps is *competing*
> with some `more official' venue, then it seems kind-of lousy
> to fracture the community like that.

I have never heard of any other IRC channel.

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