tangoGPS is a very successful user orienteted map and gps viewer

Marcus Bauer marcus.bauer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 19:20:44 CEST 2010

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010 09:59:04 -0400
Joshua Judson Rosen <rozzin at geekspace.com> wrote:

> > tangoGPS has a community of more than
> > 100.000 users, of more than 25 distributions, of people packaging
> > it, people twittering about it, people blogging about it, people
> > discussing it in forums...
> > 
> > The tangoGPS friendservice has been used almost half a million
> > times and the messaging is frequently used too.
> > 
> > There has been an article on Linux.com about tangoGPS and another
> > one in the Linux Magazine.
> > 
> > I'd say the tangoGPS community is bigger than the openmoko
> > community :-P
> Having a large, thriving end-user community *is* excellent, and also
> important--so I'd like to both congratulate you and thank you for that
> accomplishment!

You are more than welcome! User orientation has always been key for
tangoGPS development and has been driving my commitment for over 2500h
of development and subsequently one of the single largest contributions
to the openmoko ecosystem of a free phone.

tangoGPS has grown much beyond openmoko today and was just recently
featured as the GPS software of choice on the Always Innovating
Touchbook. Important part of that is unparalleled speed on embedded
platforms, ease of use and an uncluttered user-centric interface.

An important objective of the development is excellent quality
assurance for best user experience. Each single release is preceded
with a period of intensive testing resulting in a almost zarro bugs.

These high standards are inherently key for the success of tangoGPS and
I am commited to keep the standards on this level. Good quality patches
that improve the user expericence and take into account that tangoGPS
runs on plenty of platforms is highly welcome.

A last word of wisdom, Joshua: have a look into the appstores of the
iphone or android. There are thousands of apps already and several cool
ones that would be nice to have on openmoko. Start a project and bring
it to success.

Best regards,

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