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Mon Apr 12 09:46:46 CEST 2010

as I recently struggled with the same issues I'd like to comment on some of
the suggestions
On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 1:19 AM, Joshua Judson Rosen
<rozzin at geekspace.com>wrote:

> ...

Most importantly: How should I keep up with work that you're doing
> upstream between releases? Maintaining the patches that I use is vital
> to me, and it's harder to do that if I have no idea where you're going
> upstream--if I have no idea what's going to change out from under me
> with the next release.

I can only second that - I ported my geocaching enhancements from version to
version, but am becoming more and more reluctant to do so with every new
release. Any public repository would be helpful in distributing and
maintaining these features, even if they wouldn't be included immediately in
any official release.

As I said, I *do* really *like* tangoGPS--I owe you a big thanks for
> giving me a good base application on which to build!

I could not agree more - and yet I'd really appreciate it if the full
potential of community driven enhancements would also be available. In the
current state, my features collect virtual dust on my HD and will probably
never ever see a release, with chances decreasing as I loose interest in
developing them further with all the burdens of porting and adapting.

I can fully understand Marcus' focus on quality, and TangoGPS is a great
result of that approach - but still I hope that someday a reasonable public
access is possible with his help instead of forking.

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