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> > Perhaps I should clarify that I don't mean to make fun of your
> > situation. We're all in the same boat here.
> No problem Werner, all your optinions and comments are very welcome.
> As you already said, companiess who built a solution based on the  
> Openmoko need a reliable product AND a reliable company behind.
> The product, Freerunner, had a lot severe bugs (GPS not working, GSM  
> buzzing, #1024 suspend problems). Also after fixing this with new  
> revisions and third partys (Dr.Nikolaus), the product is not ready to  
> compete in the market. Very poor battery life to mention just one  
> serious no-go.
> The company Openmoko Inc. missed to give customers a reliable support  
> and long-term concept. The "open" idea stopped behind the doors, no info  
> about stock availability, spare parts supply etc.
> CEO Sean is an visionary, not a sales guy. Steve Mosher's part of the  
> game was not evident. (BTW, what is the status of Steve according Qi ?)
> I had a project asking for 2500 units as a first order only.
> Openmoko Inc. failed to provide this customer a infrastructure.

this is the problem with phones. the big boys are beginng to "get it" - but for
them 2500 units is what they do for a verification run - and then throw out.
they don't get up out of bed in the morning for a request for 2500 units. :)
they will want at least 2 or 3 zeros added to that to even give you the time of
day. openmoko never made it to be big enough to continue - and ye once you get
big enough, the kind of thing you talk about no longer make business sense (as
you are busy shopping around to telcos who will order millions of devices).
catch 22 :-S

> I can confirm sold units worldwide is 20.000 maximum.
> which is a very poor result and can not give a living for anyone.
> The game "openmoko" was only possible with the financial injection of  
> FIC. the funds are gone, the Wikireader is an anachronistic product and  
> will not give any cashback.
> Not to misunderstand, the game "opensource" is just starting.
> if you need to, remember Openmoko as a early hero.
> Christoph
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