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mobi phil mobi at
Mon Apr 12 22:52:12 CEST 2010

> The correct full sysfs location for JBT should be:
> /sys/bus/spi/devices/spi2.0/lcd/jbt6k74-lcd/ .  Getting the "not
> initialised" message indicates that the correct code is compiled into
> the kernel at least (the message is generated by the JBT driver, and
> the Glamo driver won't compile without the JBT driver after my dirty
> hack). If the device really doesn't exist, it'd be good to test with the
> main 2.6.32 (non-KMS/DRM) branch (without trying to enable DRM in the
> config, of course).  The 2.6.32-gdrm branch will not work with a non-KMS
> configuration (i.e. normal glamo-fb compiled in) unless by sheer luck.
> Main Openmoko 2.6.32 without DRM also still doesn't work, as far as I
> know, but I could be slightly out of date there.
> I've attached the config I currently use when compiling 2.6.32-gdrm.
> Are you sure that the backlight is not coming on, rather than it being
> on but the display being all black?  Neither the Glamo nor JBT driver
> are actually responsible for the backlight coming on - the backlight
> itself is "just" an LED-powering output from the PCF chip.  Is there
> anything under /sys/class/backlight?

Thanks for your answer... Unfortunately I do not receive the emails.
Found the answer on the mailinlist homepage...
please cc my address directly, if any.

your config file helped !!!


was missing!!!!!

furthermore you have:

I had:

so I think it would not be bad to add as many config files as many
relevant changes/patchces happen... and maybe they should be named

so drm works (your example gdrm-waitq etc. etc)

I can have fun again with the drm .. :)

mobi phil

being mobile, but including technology

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