tangoGPS community development, patches (was: tangoGPS magnify patch)

Stephen Pape srpape at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 00:34:45 CEST 2010

Now it's just getting silly.

> So when you use Google it is okay and when I use Google it is a
> personal attack? Hey, you are such a cutie :-)

You're just twisting words and sidestepping arguments. You used Google
to specifically try and prove that I don't know what I'm talking
about. You're turning a discussion on development methodology into
name calling. (Cutie? Really?)

I used Google looking for an argument against forking, trying to
figure out what you're talking about. You keep saying it hurts open
software. As far as I can tell, the open software community seems to
think the ability to fork at any time is a major benefit. You can get
around projects that have limitations or refuse to move forward. If
your fork fails, it's no big deal, but there's always a chance that
it'll become the next great thing.

Of course you don't want to discuss it, it's easier to be petty and
make it personal.

> You should try to sue Google for diffamation - you could get rich quick! :D
> And I will join you because "Linus Torvalds" and Openmoko has a lot more
> Google hits than me and that guy has never done any work on Openmoko at all.

Who said anything about suing anyone? When did I ever indicate that I
care who has more Google hits? I couldn't care less.
This isn't a competition for fame, stop making it out to be one.

> I'll right tomorrow write him an email about what's wrong with his
> completely fair scheduler. I think there are situations where it is not
> fair enough. And I'll be really upset if he disregards my email just
> because I have never contributed to the kernel (almost at least).

I'm not challenging your code itself, or telling you that you don't
know what you're doing. It's not comparable to your example.

> Thank you. And thank you for your example that the best way for
> avoiding questions about forking is not to make any open source
> software at all.

When did I make an example that you should make closed source software
to avoid "questions about forking"?
Obviously you're going to continue being unreasonable, and now you're
down to name calling and blatantly making things up, so I won't bother
with this line of discussion anymore.

I feel bad for all of the developers that want to help. I wouldn't
want to have to work with you.


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