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Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at
Tue Apr 13 15:12:48 CEST 2010

>sorry for this. I am just a typical German being always a bit on the  
>negative-criticising side of life ;-)

Some of my best friends are German.

>I am sure we can have a beer together, Maddog, I am really not the
>idiot as it may sound here.

I recognize that.

>Thanks for your status report about the Brazilian university etc.
>I agree with you, it's no good idea to invest any more time or even  
>money in the re-production of GTA02, I honor you give such a honest  

I still support the GTA02-core project, but for the goals that Werner
has advocated, to get a tool-set that is completely FOSS so that people
around the world can design with it....not necessarily to produce a
phone for mass production.

If we can find a way to finance the design, and to make sure that it
would be finished and go to market, I think the University would be more
than willing to help with the project, including using their influence
with vendors to get parts.   Be aware that even "getting parts" takes a
lot of time and effort.  The university has an office with people in it
that makes contracts with vendors, submits grant proposals, signs NDAs,
etc.  Sometimes they even have to take money out of their budget to join
vendor's "programs".

But they have a lot of things the project could use, even more than the
SMT line (which is the same type of SMT line, by the way, that LG uses
to make their phones).  Ovens to do thermal testing, vibrators to do
vibration testing, machines to do certification testing, and expertise
in all of these fields.  The university also has the ability to make
integrated circuits, and has made wifi radio chips in the past.


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