drm/glamo Re: glamo backlight

Thomas White taw at bitwiz.org.uk
Tue Apr 13 22:33:26 CEST 2010

On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 02:36:56 +0200
mobi phil <mobi at mobiphil.com> wrote:

> after successful booting and running  the gdrm-waitq example I got on
> the log:
> glamo-drm: Fence seq#157 was not signalled
> (with increasing #ref numbers)
> and usb network seems to be frozen....
> after second reboot and running intensive directfb test applications
> problem cannot be reproduced...

That would indicate that Glamo's interrupt (or the kernel's handling of
it) is misbehaving.  It tries pretty hard to recover from that
situation, but obviously not hard enough.  I've committed a patch which
will make it try a little harder still.  Hopefully it was just a glitch.

> directfb and other frambuffer applications run on /dev/fb0, however
> the old bug with display shift to the right is again present.
> (everything is shifted ~150 pixels to the left)

You're right - the patch which fixed that got lost somewhere.  I've
re-applied it in the latest version, so if you could test it, that'd be

Thanks a lot,


Thomas White <taw at bitwiz.org.uk>

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