Is xserver-xorg-video-glamo freezy for anyone else than just me?

Neil Jerram neiljerram at
Thu Apr 15 00:33:57 CEST 2010

I've raised this rather vaguely a couple of times before, and IIRC no
one else said that they see similar problems.  This time I'll try to
be clear and so hopefully attract a more definitive response.

Simply, whenever I try switching to glamo for a while (instead of
fbdev), I find that my phone freezes after a while: the screen and
buttons are unresponsive, and I can't ssh in.  My only recourse is to
pull out the battery - which is of course a concern, as I could then
be corrupting the filesystem.

It seems completely random, and not associated with any particular
action.  Today, for example, it happened very quickly after booting
- boot up and wait for UI to appear
- click on keyboard icon to bring up the matchbox keyboard
- click on Ctrl, Alt, and X - which should bring up an xterm
- freeze.
On other occasions, that same sequence works find.  Some times the
freeze happens after a day or more of use.

I see this in Debian, which is my main distro.  I also see it whenever
I decide to try SHR again - and it effectively prevents me from being
able to try SHR for very long.  (In Debian, I can just switch back to

Does anyone else see this?
If not, I'm guessing it could be caused by a specific hardware fault
on my phone - any ideas on how I might investigate that further?
Once in the frozen state, is there anything better/safer to do than
pulling out the battery?

Many thanks!


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