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Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Apr 17 02:01:11 CEST 2010

Kosa wrote:
> I ain't no expert on this, but since iPad is being a succesful "mobil
> device", we could give a chance for a BIGGER Freerunner.

The joy of the Open Design Hardware concept - anyone can design their
own mutant :)

> There's a huge market for the big touchscreen devices.

Let's see how the Newt^H^H^H^HiPad goes. Wouldn't be the first device
to end up in the gadget graveyard after the novelty effect wears off.

> I guess a bigger device is easier to build BTW.

Having a larger case gives you more freedom, yes. Designing it as an
offspring of a phone would make it attractive to use much of the same
technology, though. After all, you've already debugged it, know where
to get the parts, etc., so there's probably little to optimize from
the engineering point of view.

A larger screen may be a problem, though, if it also comes with a
larger resolution. The larger the resolution, the more pixels the
poor CPU has to push and the more memory bus bandwidth is eaten up by
refreshing the screen.

Of course, 640x480 would still look quite tolerable at, say, 6" (133
dpi, like the original Eee PC), so you may be able to avoid this
issue - and be able to use cheap screens.

- Werner

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