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On Sat, 17 Apr 2010 02:18:45 +0200 Bernd Prünster <bernd.pruenster at>

> ever heard of the touchbook?!

or joojoo... or one of the 1894 "mee too" ipad clones coming out (varying from
arm based to x86 based). there is no room for a freerunner core based pad... -
pushing that many pixels means more grunt. the gta02 already couldnt handle
what it had. by a large margin. just buy one of these me-too pads and fidddle
with it. hell if "tangogps" is the killer app - does an open os matter? as long
as you can compile it and install it (toouchbook is there already for that -
and it's open. not the schematics - though if you look carefully its actually a
slightly modified beagleboard - so design is open actually), and os is open.
the other me-too's on x86 will be pretty much just as open as any other
netbook (give or take) - and yes. we know. imgtec, sgx, closed gpu. that's the
case everywhere. no news there and no solution to is unless you design your own
gpu... good luck. :))

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