[E-devel] X11 dependencies hardcoded in ecore_evas

mobi phil mobi at mobiphil.com
Sat Apr 17 20:27:06 CEST 2010

The target device of my experiments is the openmoko. For this reason I put
the openmoko-dev list to cc, maybe somebody is interested there.

oddd. lossy uses libjpeg. BOTH use eet. eet uses jpeg compression for lossy
> and
> zlib for comp. there is also raw that doesnt compress at all.
> well.. then I do not understand why it crashes.... I use libjpeg.7 ..
Anyway it is not the main point now. I changed to COMP and it works.

anyway ... my experiment was not really successful... support for sdl and
directfb seems to be "broken" at elementary lib level... tried to add myself
the different cases in elm_wind_add and brohters, but did not work, I found
a a patch on a a thread here to make directfb working, but it did not.

The intention of my experience was to see if evas/ecore would behave better
on top of a potentially accelerated directfb backend. However as far I
understood from the code evas/ecore would have zero benefit from a 2d
accelerated directfb driver.

My question is:

1. as  was reading on some other threads that one wants to get rid of
Xrender. Would however efl be able to use some 2d acceleration (blit from
videa ram to videa ram, draw/fill rectangle etc.)

2. is there any "interface" to inject some 2d accelerated code into the fb

For example the most annoying on openmoko freerunner is slow scrolling. For
example your map example becomes the same sluggish. This could be probably
solved by scrolling through a temp invisible video memory buffer.

mobi phil

being mobile, but including technology
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