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> I'm interested in taking a look at Android...
> 1. The installation instructions seem to involve both a full SD card
> (which will be completely overwritten) and flashing the NAND.  What I
> don't understand is whether the SD card is only needed during
> installation, or if the same SD card needs to stay in the phone
> afterwards, when booting Android from NAND.
> 2. I understand that the Android installation flashes a modified
> version of the Qi bootloader.  Can this modified version still boot
> other distributions, in particular Debian?
> Basically the situation is that I want to keep Debian (on SD) as my
> main distribution, but have Android in NAND for trying out.  I have
> another SD card (512Mb) that I can use just for the Android install,
> but after that I'd like to put the Debian SD card back in.
> Thanks for any answers and advice!
>    Neil
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I am sure that android installs some system files on the sd, so you need a
sd card to boon android also after first installation. Usually the best
choice for android is to have 2 partitions: one for android system files and
another for your datas.

what i'm looking for is quite the same... a way to use andorid and shr... i
think it's just necessary to partition correctly the sd, but I have no idea
how... hints welcome
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