Android status as a daily phone

urodelo urodelomutante at
Sun Apr 25 10:21:06 CEST 2010

The volume is fine. Although I usually don't get much calls, I think the  
voice it's quite clear too. About the battery, well I have the impression  
that mine doesn't last for a long time, maybe due to my behaviour, cause  
when at home I often stop the suspend and keep the phone under charge.
It has happened that the phone got frozen after suspending a couple of  
times, but recently I didn't experiment it again.


On Sun, 25 Apr 2010 03:10:38 +0200, Denis Galvão - Gmail  
<denisgalvao at> wrote:

> Thanks urodelo.
> What about the listen volume?
> And about hibernation? Is the energy saver working as it should? I mean  
> the phone can sleep and wake without problems?
> Denis.
> On 24/04/2010, at 21:44, urodelo wrote:
>> I've it on my fr since some months. The version I use is 1.5. I can use  
>> it
>> as daily phone. it's stable. I've just installed few applications, and
>> except some occasional freeze, I'm not experimenting any special  
>> problem.
>> However, I find there aren't many interesting applications available  
>> (for
>> my taste), not like in shr. Moreover, its difficult to do every little
>> change in the system. But if you just want to use it as mobile phone, i
>> think it's ok. I didn't test gps and bluetooth yet, I assume they work.
>> Wifi works very well, it automatically reconnects if i go out of range  
>> for
>> some time. I've it on nand; booting it can sometimes be a challenge, if
>> your finger isn't quick enough, especially if you have just opened your
>> eyes after a deep sleep.
>> ByeZ
>> urodelo
>> On Sat, 24 Apr 2010 23:59:36 +0200, Denis Galvão - Gmail
>> <denisgalvao at> wrote:
>>> Im out for a long period...
>>> What is the most recent status of Freerunner Android as a daily phone?
>>> I''ll try it again on monday, and would love some feedback from Android
>>> users out there.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Denis.
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