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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak dos at
Thu Apr 29 21:08:00 CEST 2010

On 4/29/10, Rafael Ignacio Zurita <rizurita at> wrote:
> Hello,
>   GameRunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. It aims convert
> the Freerunner open mobile phone in a Linux-based handheld
> game console.
> It is simple, and contains cool and suitable open source games for
> Linux mobile devices.
> We have been working in this idea for a couple of months (in 2009),
> improving current openmoko games, and writting a game control useful
> for any game.
> Our first idea is always to have with us a SD full of games to play.
> Because the last two months we did not do much, I am announcing it,
> so other gamers can try it.
> All the games which use the new gamecontrol does not work
> well the first time you run these. After, all go okey.
> Moreover, we need to improve that "general" game control
> that we are writting, because it is not so cool yet.
> But well, you can play if you know well it :)
> For other games we have worked improving speed as well.
> If we get some free time to continue we will add super nintendo
> emulator (which we already have tested) and new versions
> of the new game control.
> After, we'll add more games specifically built for this game distro.
> The web site has some docs as well about our work.
> Cheers
> --
> Rafael Ignacio Zurita

"GameRunner is based on Linux Image-gta02-g291a9d50_mwester-stable.bin
kernel and Om2008.9-gta02-20081117.rootfs. XGlamo is providing X."

OMG, it's sooo old! I think you can make it a LOT faster by using
newer kernel (for instance, andy-tracking HEAD), and maybe
instead of Xglamo (but with this one i'm not sure if it will give
performance boost, but I believe it will :P)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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