linux under one second

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at
Fri Apr 30 15:14:35 CEST 2010

Am 30.04.2010 um 09:19 schrieb flecktor:
> i heard they made linux under 1 second.
> is there any distrobution that will take that and made it available for the
> openmoko?

First, the Openmoko devices are way slower than the presented device.
Second, it depends on your definition of "booting". What this demo does
is reading a kernel from somewhere and launching into a one-process userland,
most likely skipping any init processes. They don't initialize slow peripherals
such as a modem nor show a launcher.

Our Linux (as in kernel) boots in a handful of seconds as well. Right now
most distributions use sysvinit, which is the reason why it takes a couple
of more minutes after booting to show a "desktop". Witha proper replacement,
(such as my pet-project fso-boot), I'm sure we can get to 30 seconds until
PIN dialog as well – which IMO would be quite amazing given the hardware.

(FWIW, on my HTC Dream w/ Zhone2 it's 10 seconds until PIN dialog – no X though,
just framebuffer).


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