[SHR] X forwarding: export DISPLAY?

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 16:27:37 CEST 2010

To continue :

if you want to do it 'old school' without ssh -X doing the job for you,
you need to authorize your X server to accept distant X clients

To authorize X server of "here" to display application running on
"faraway", you need to do (here$ is the prompt) :
    here$  xhost +faraway

Then you need to log yourself on faraway (ssh without -X nor -Y, rsh,
telnet, xterm on freerunner...) and launch your application with a good
    faraway$  DISPLAY=here:0 my_application

If it does not work :
- either "faraway" doesn't allow the X client to go out (firewall ?)
- or "here" has its X server running with "-nolisten tcp" and therefore
refuses any connection

If you have "-nolisten tcp" (check with ps), you can remove it but it
depends on how you launch your X server :
- if you use startx, check your /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc (or ~/.xserverrc)
- if you use gdm, launch gdmconfig and check security options)
- if you use kdm or xdm, I don't know :S

If you want to control the freerunner desktop from your PC, you could
use vnc.
On the freerunner you start x11vnc :
    faraway$   x11vnc
but NOT from a ssh -X, you don't want any redirection here.

On your pc you start your vnc client :
    here$    vncviewer faraway:0

PS : use ip addresses instead of names like here and faraway

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