Android on Freerunner: v0.2 RC1 released

Niels Heyvaert nielsheyvaert at
Tue Feb 2 15:31:50 CET 2010

Hi there,

With FOSDEM 2010 coming up, we thought it was the right timing for releasing a new stable version of Android on Freerunner.

There have been many changes since our initial release:
- kernel speedups (no debug and no preempt)
- more stable Wifi, GPS and GPRS
- Dynamic CPU frequency scaling
- numerous other bug fixes and improvements
For those who are interested to learn what has changed, the full commit list can be found here:

Grab you copy directly from the download section on and give it a try.
As always, you can post your findings on the mailing list ( or report issues on the Wiki.
To mitigate a security risk with ADB, the ADB shell has been disabled by default in this release. You can enable it manually.
Kind Regards,
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