[ANN] Openmobility 2010 in Czech Republic + buzz & recamping fix party

Martix martix.cz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 14:23:10 CET 2010

I like to announce community event/conference about open and mobile
technologies and devices. There will be talks in Czech about Openmoko,
Touch Book, N900, WikiReader and GSM protocol, maybe about Pandora.
For talk about Pandora we need some Czech/Slovak speaker, any
volunteers? During talks will be Openmoko HW fix party, which include
buzz and recamping fixes, maybe bass fix. I know only one skilled
electrical engineer, but he isn't sure about attending because of
work. Do know about someone, who have enough soldering skills for
doing HW fix?

Openmobility will be on April, in Zlin, Czech Republic. It's near
boundary with Slovak Republic, so Slovak community members could come
too. :-)
Participants, please register on Openmobility conference website. We
need to know how many attenders will come for place reservation.

Web: http://mobility.openmoko.cz/

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