OpenZim does not work with recebt SHR-U any more

Marc Bantle marc.b at
Thu Feb 4 10:13:37 CET 2010


neo at schrieb:
> Hi all,
> unfortunately Marc Bantle's build of zimreader for openmoko does not work anymore on the latest SHR-U. As this is the best wikipedia offline reader I used so far (especially because of the fulltext index), I would really appreciate it, if somebody could rebuild it and maybe package it as well. 

As I read on openzim's mailing list, the
project has matured quite a bit lately
and it would sure be worth while, making
it available for the openmoko platform

Developers have done optimization for
small memory devices and it's likely
to become part of the qi-hardware
software stack for ben nanonote soon.
Some work is going on to provide a
gtkmm based viewer app [1].

Also the file format has been improved
to store any kinds of web content.
Archives for zimreader and kiwix seem to
be compatibility now, so a greater range
of contents may be available soon.

I don't have much time to contribute at
the moment :-(, but would also like to
see zimreader become part of SHR



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