What to do with a broken touchscreen?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Thu Feb 4 18:56:19 CET 2010

I got trouble with the touchscreen. At first I tought it was dirty, and took the front cover off for cleaning. This only helped a little. Then I noticed a dent in the upper half of the display. I have enabled the X cursor, and see that while I can press the screen elsewhere and have the cursor go there, it always jumps back to the dent afterwards. And it will often move up and down a biut across the dent, causing all sorts of scrolling trouble.

Is there any way to fix the dent? A small dead area wouldn't be a problem, as it is above the software keyboard region.

Failing that, is it possible to replace the touchscreen hardware? Is spare parts available? Or will I have to replace the entire phone?

Helge Hafting
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