QtMoko v19

Vinzenz Hersche hersche at puzzle.ch
Fri Feb 5 00:47:54 CET 2010

nice.. :D
but could you write a little tutorial to explain, how you build the kernel?
i like to play cmpiling with qtmoko, but i'm also interested in kernel-
compiling.. :)
Radek schrieb am Donnerstag 04 Februar 2010:
Radek Polak wrote:

> Hi,
> new images version 19 of QtMoko on debian are out now! You can download
>  from here [1].

Forgot MD5 sums:

754bdc5908505a7940adab987b96c3fd  qtmoko-debian-v19.jffs2
33a1136b77141a1e58d208a9b95d6af9  qtmoko-debian-v19.tar.gz
2090fbc64b688b2de13c8651f69e2184  uImage-v19-debug.bin
5e490dfd6b1d6c2aa65da219625579a1  uImage-v19-nodebug.bin



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