AW: What to do with a broken touchscreen?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Fri Feb 5 17:22:27 CET 2010

hab keen oh ne wrote:
> Hi,
> I had the same problem because I - why ever - kept my key in the same 
> pocket as my freerunner, so the touch screen took a physical damage, 
> which can still be noticed by a dint in the upper left of the screen. 
> Nevertheless, I got rid of the problem by causing an underpressure at 
> this place with a glue strip. After some cleaning and the usage of the 
> glue strip the permanent clicking stopped. Hope this will help, 
> otherwise you could use - as already said - the pulster repair set or 
> decrease the sensitivity of the screen for clicks.

I'll try the underpressure trick.

But how do I decrease sensitivity? It seems like a nice workaround, for
the "fake clicks" seem to occur with _very_ light pressure.

I have enabled the X cursor, and if I press two locations the cursor
will land between the fingers, closer to the place with the highest 
pressure. But a single finger will always grab the cursor completely, 
the pressure from the dentet region seems to be extremely weak.

So, if the dent can be tuned out at the price of having to press only a 
little harder, then that would be great!  How is this done?

Helge Hafting

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