Freerunner can not maintain wireless connection to a Linux AP

Yogiz yogizz at
Fri Feb 5 18:55:07 CET 2010


I realise that this problem might equally well be the fault of my AP's
configuration but since my Freerunner is the only client affected, I
figured I'd start from here.

I have a linux PC that acts as a wireless AP using hostapd, ath5k
drivers from the kernel and WPA2 for encryption. I have about 5-7
laptops connected to the AP regularly and they have not had the same
problem as the Freerunner.

The problem itself is as follows:

I connect to the AP from my freerunner, no matter what client I'm
using, I've tried several. I see the AP in my scans, I initiate a
connection and successfully receive an IP address from the dhcpd
running on my AP. I start pinging the gateway at once and pings are
successes. That means in that moment of time, I have a fully functional
connection to my AP with encryption and everything working. Now it
takes some time, about 10 seconds to a minute and my pings start
failing all at once. I can't connect to anything on the network from my
Freerunner anymore. When I inspected the connection from another laptop
using Wireshark, I saw that the first ARP request from the Freerunner
was a success but the second one (that comes after the variable time
10-60 seconds in the middle of pinging) will not get a reply from the
AP. From then on, the connection is lost, the pings travel to the
monitoring laptop but no longer get any replies from the AP. It seems
like the AP is at fault here, but every single other thing I've
connected to the AP has remained working, so there must be something
different about the Freerunner. If anyone has any idea, what may be the
fault here, please do.


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