[Shr-User] Quick e-mail poll: Still using your Freerunner?

Neil Jerram neiljerram at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 6 23:29:36 CET 2010

On 6 February 2010 21:16, Ed Falk <falk at efalk.org> wrote:
> I bought my Freerunner over a year ago.  On the first boot, it made a
> very loud raucus sound which, as far as I know, blew out the speaker, as
> I have never heard an undistorted sound come out of it. [...]

Hmm, sounds like a few possible hardware issues there.  However...

> Is there a "how to" document on the wiki that might tell someone in my
> shoes how to bring the device up to date so that I can try again?

Step 1: Try turning it on and plugging in the wall charger - to find
out if it is working well enough to get charged up.  (In the early
days, there were serious problems if the battery became completely

Step 2: Once fully charged, follow the instructions for flashing and
trying out SHR-Testing.


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