QtMoko v19

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Feb 7 23:02:33 CET 2010

Michele Brocco wrote:

> Did someone of you guys experience troubles with qmokoplayer or other
> programs? There seem to be some problems with the lib paths:
> ldd ./165a8054b7fe206d5eb48b722581cc4b_qmokoplayer
>         libqtopiagfx.so.4 => not found
>         libmd5.so.1 => not found
>         libqtopia-sqlite.so.1 => not found
>         libqtopia.so.4 => not found
>         libqtopiabase.so.4 => not found
> setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and running after it results into a
> Segmentation Fault. Is that perhaps related to the qt downgrade?

Hi Michele,
it can be. I have rebuilt and uploaded the package. You can try if reinstall 
if it helps. I cant try myself, i am in the middle of experiments ;)



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