Basic texting keyboard for zhone

Neil Jerram neiljerram at
Mon Feb 8 00:26:20 CET 2010

I noticed that the zhone code included a keypad-based text entry
system (the pyphone_message class).  I found it quite non-intuitive -
and I guess that's why it was never made available in the UI - but the
code makes a good starting point for implementing other keypad-based
entry systems, and I've now implemented the simplest possible one,
i.e. where you have to press once for a, d, g, ..., twice for b, e, h,
..., and so on.

It needs polish, and it would be good to add a proper predictive
system, and once I've done that I'll try to feed this into the
official zhone.  But for anyone who feels like looking at or trying
the changes now, they are:


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