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Mon Feb 8 19:59:39 CET 2010

Hi there,

I am Serdar Dere from Android-on-Freerunner and making an offer to the other distributions.
We are useing an installer an old relict from the dead koolu initiative. 
It works well ... for us.
The idea is, that it could work for _all_ distributions of freerunner.
The Problem is, that no one touched the code and has a idea how it works, or how to advance it, because it's a dirty hack.

The best way to take a look is to try our latest RC1:
- download the RC1 from
- extract your copy to your fat partition.
- launch NOR
- boot from disk
- wait till it's finished.

what is it doing:
The installer installs a qi (qi.img could be old) the kernel (kernel.img) and the rootfs (system.img) to nand

how to get the code:
the code is available on gitorious.
- mkdir installer
- cd installer
- wget
- chmod a+x repo
- ./repo init -u git:// -b installer
- ./repo sync
you will get the code now. maybe you also want our toolchain:
git clone git:// prebuilt
and try my patch too:

I can't help this installer is a dirty hack and nobody knows how to use it or build it.
So I am asking anybody to get it work for any distributions.
I can't help that much.

Greetings Serdar
PS: it would be nice if you can recontribute to us to, so we can add it to our tree.
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