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Am 08.02.2010 um 21:30 schrieb ghislain:

> Serdar,
> I'm using it for the installer-images I create to install QtMoko, I just
> adjusted the Qi-bootloader (I now use the latest Qi), I made some changes to
> what to install with BusyBox (removed some, added some), and I changed the
> init-script (I removed the userdata.img, added "restore" function of
> qtbackup.tgz).
> I got the first info on how the installer works from Marcelo Magallon (from
> the Koolu project), this is what information he told me:

Koolu died, so there is no way of getting some code from them now.

> /quote:
> mkdir freerunner-installer
> cd freerunner-installer
> cd repo init -u git:// -b
> installer
> repo sync
> make

that's what I tried, it din't worked, I made some patches for useing our toolchain, I only got kernel compileing.
> That will create something that looks like this:
> bootloader
> busybox
> installer
> kernel
> Makefile
> mtd-utils
> The script that run on boot is found under installer.  You need the
> OpenMoko toolchain to build this.  I believe there's a .deb on the web
> site (Koolu's I mean) for this.  To see how the kernel is built, look
> first at kernel/ and then at kernel/
> rebuild
> Beware, that makefile is broken, if you change stuff the kernel won't
> be rebuilt properly, you have to delete
> out/kernel/arch/arm/boot/uImage to force it to rebuild.
> :quote/
> I just started to update all to the newest versions (kernel, busybox,
> mtd-utils, etc), but I got stuck in booting the kernel. I need to hack a
> little more before I can post all the necessary steps (I will also look into
> your patch to see what it does).
> Regards,
> Ghislain

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