[Shr-User] Quick e-mail poll: Still using your Freerunner?

Edward Falk falk at efalk.org
Mon Feb 8 23:32:15 CET 2010

>> I bought my Freerunner over a year ago.  On the first boot, it made a 
>> very loud raucus sound which, as far as I know, blew out the speaker,
>> as I have never heard an undistorted sound come out of it.
> If your speaker really is broken, your Freerunner will probably not be
> much use as a phone unless you use hands-free with it. I suggest you
> install the latest software so you can be sure it's not a software
> problem. If it isn't you'll either have to get the speaker repaired or
> live without sound.

Is it repairable?

> If you want more control, then currently the best
> idea is to run alsamixer yes, either remotely or from local terminal.

Glad to hear that there's been progress on volume control, but more than 
a year later and we still need alsamixer for some things?  This is not a 
good sign.

>> I tried to develop a GPS application for it, but GPS would not work
>> if there was an SD card installed.
> I have not heard of such a problem so if It's not exclusive to your
> hardware, it is fixed by now.


In a nutshell, electrical noise from the SD card slot interfered with 
the GPS.  Your choices were either to remove the SD card or solder in a 
tiny little capacitor between two of its pins.  I also understand that 
there's a software work-around which turns the SD card off when it's not 
being used.

> Currently, using the Freerunner as both a phone and a PDA I usually can
> go for two days before plugging it in overnight. If I use a lot of GPS
> for example, the time is shorter but it's not bad at all and suspending
> works very well currently.

Excellent news.  Hopefully, this is because of improved software (which 
I can install) and not improved hardware (which I can't do anything about).

> Well, my suggestion would be to start playing around with the latest
> SHR-Unstable.

Thanks for the pointers.  If I can find the time, I'll give it a try.

	-ed falk

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