[Shr-User] Alternatives to FR

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at geekspace.com
Thu Feb 11 05:01:31 CET 2010

GNUtoo <GNUtoo at no-log.org> writes:
> On Mon, 2010-01-04 at 01:12 +0000, William Kenworthy wrote:
> >
> > Flow - good but pricy, and unless I am looking at the design wrong,
> > there is only one adapter/interface socket so you can have a phone, or a
> > GSM device, but not both at the same time.
> > 
> > Nokia n900 - probably the best choice at this time.
> The N900 is very proprietary:
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Free_Maemo
> The thing in red in the image are proprietary,including some core things
> like battery charging.

For those of us who can't see red (and thus can't differentiate
between red and black), would someone be willing to list which items
are `in red' and which are `in black'?

I'm often able to make due by checking colours with xmag, but this
chart is much too big and complicated for that to be workable :(

"Don't be afraid to ask (λf.((λx.xx) (λr.f(rr))))."

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