RFC: FSOSHRCON 2010 kickoff

Stefan Schmidt stefan at datenfreihafen.org
Thu Feb 11 11:31:20 CET 2010


On Tue, 2010-02-09 at 02:24, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> =Timeframe=
> I'd like us to meet in summer, i.e. somewhere during the May - August
> timeframe. We have to try to avoid school holidays and summer vacations
> (especially for those of us who have kids) though.

Right now only 18.06-20.06 would not fit me. Thinking about upcoming exams I
would like to see may or june.

> =Duration=
> I'm afraid it needs to be a weekend, but we should aim to have two fully
> productive days (think about losing at least one day for arrival and
> setup plus cleaning up and departure), so it'd be best if we could
> either add a friday or a monday to the bouquet.


> =Location=
> This largely depends on the scope of this conference. I found last
> year's meeting @ LinuxHotel very pleasant and supercheap. The
> requirements are a big room where we can sit on a round or squared table
> with video and networking equipment.

Hmm, do you want all people in one room even when we are having a sprint with
different groups focusing and debate on special topics?

Some smaller rooms would fit better imho. The bigger room would be needed for
situations where we come together.

> =Program=
> Last year we had a strong focus on getting to know each other and giving
> presentations. While that's all good, I'd like to attempt something more
> focused this year. I would love to come there with some concrete goals,
> such as:
> *) Porting SHR to fsogsmd.
> *) Porting FSO & SHR to the HTC Dream.
> *) Porting FSO & SHR to the Palm Pre.
> *) Unbreaking libfso-glib for C users.
> *) Porting SHR-Settings to Vala.
> etc. etc.
> I do think that we can allow for a small amount of presentations, but a
> really limited one. This year we should strive for a more workshop &
> code sprint oriented spirit.

Agreed. Having the topics and team members fixed before the meeting starts would
be a bonus.

Stefan Schmidt

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